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Acupressure and Reflexology
as a gout treatment

Powerful treatment

Reflexology (zone therapy) and especially acupressure (channel therapy) are an essential part of our healing programs. They are both potent and are used daily at The Gout Clinic.

Initially, they help to diagnose (indicate the condition of) the liver and kidneys. 

During therapy, the therapist will get more feed back from this method than from acupuncture.

Patient progress, seen during a full program cycle, is impressive.


Acupuncture and acupressure use the same points, but acupuncture uses needles, while acupressure uses firm pressure.

To deliver this pressure, not only the fingers (or an acupressure tool) are used, but also the hands, arms, and knuckles. We also incorporate healing techniques as Shiatsu therapy (traditional Japanese vigorous form of acupressure) and a "soft" version of Guasha technique (Scraping Tools) on the acupuncture points.

Many of these points are positioned at key crossways of the autonomic nervous system, explaining why they can affect organs in a part of the body far from where the pressure is applied. 


The theory behind reflexology is more questionable compared to acupuncture, but it has been demonstrated to influence the course of Gout. Why? We don't know exactly.

But you will feel it, the changes in your body during treatment.