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Bee Sting Gout Therapy

Bee Sting

an advanced acupuncture

Gout Treatment


We are very proud, to offer Bee Sting Therapy as a gout treatment.

After having studied the medical benefits of bee sting therapy, and knowing the advantages of acupuncture as a gout treatment, it was "logic" to combine the two as an advanced acupuncture gout treatment.

It took more than two years, and sometimes lots of pain, to optimize the treatment. We collaborated with a local "Shaman," specialized in bee sting therapy.

Today, our gout bee sting protocol is a stable, efficient and not so painful treatment.

After having checked you for bee sting allergy, we will only apply a few, up to, at the end of a full program, maximal about ten bee stings.

When the sting happens, the bee leaves behind not only the stinger but also a reservoir with venom, surrounded by muscles and nerves. The muscles keep on pumping bee venom into your body for several minutes. Usually, we remove the stinger after about 10 minutes.

The venom is injected through the stinger under the skin and deep into the tissues.

The sting may be painful for a few minutes. If itching persists, ice and a lidocaine cream can be applied to the affected area.


Bee stings create a reaction in the body. They activate a defense mechanism, attacking the bee venom. A local swelling, inflammation, can be observed for a few days after the bee stings.

However, what the exact internal mechanisms are is not known. For gout patients, the therapy seems to have two advantages:

  • When given on active gout acupuncture points, the bee venom creates a superactivation of the acupuncture points. The results are even better than the ones obtained by electro-acupuncture.

  • The activated defense mechanism is also taking care of other local problems, such as uric acid crystals, reduced local blood flow, etc.


A bee sting used as a gout therapy is a sting from a worker honey bee. Bee stings differ from insect bites, and the toxin of stinging insects is quite different compared to bee venom.

Early reported use of bee venom goes back to five centuries BC. Hippocrates used bee venom therapy. He described it as Arcanum, a mysterious substance whose curative properties he did not quite understand. 

More recently, in the late nineteenth century, Phillip Terc published the benefits of bee sting therapy as a treatment for:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Osteoarthritis

  • and other painful conditions

Today,  large-scale medical effectiveness studies have been initiated.

We have observed during more than four years, that it is an effective gout treatment, just like many people who mention bee venom as an effective gout treatment on internet forums.