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Enemas and Implants as a gout treatment


The Problem, why enemas? 

We live in a toxic, world.

The earth is contaminated with over 100,000 toxic chemicals, the laws of most nations permit the addition of over 3000 chemicals in our food. We are surrounded by pesticides and herbicides. The widespread and often overuse of medical prescriptions, and over-the-counter drugs, adds over a thousand more toxic chemicals to our bodies. Besides toxins, our food consists of refined and modified ingredients. The main enemy here is refined sugar.


Once we get toxins in our bodies, residues often remain there for decades.

The cumulative and combined effects of this toxic assault on our bodies has not been studied sufficiently. However, their presence is associated with all the important diseases of today!

Enemas and implants are a powerful tool to deal with these toxins.

Benefits for gout patients include:

  • To clean and heal the colon

  • To improve liver and kidney functions

  • To efficiently deliver enzymes and nutrients


During a Detox, it is important to have minimal exposure to toxins. The Gout Clinic is ideally located for clean air. The sea breeze blows fresh Pacific air (free of particulates [PM], gases) and is rich in iodine.


Enemas and Implants are very efficient

They have been used thousands of years ago, and remote tribes used them therapeutically. 

In Mexico, the Mayas were well known for their enema treatments.


What is an enema?

Enema: A solution is used to wash out the colon (and deliver an active agent) to the body through the rectum.  

Implant: An agent is inserted into the colon through the rectum. Volumes are small compared to enemas. Holding time: as long as possible.


What does an enema or implant?

It is often desirable to introduce an agent (enzymes, nutrients, etc.) into the body, without passing through the stomach.

The stomach acid reacts with many substances, denaturing them and as a result drastically decreasing their health benefits.

By using an enema procedure, we avoid this by introducing the agent into the body through the rectum. The enzymes do not have to pass through the stomach anymore and can be absorbed by the body without being destroyed.


At The Gout Clinic, we work during a full program with implants of alpiste (enzyme source),  wheat grass, lemon grass and aloe vera.

Sporadically we advise ginger, garlic, and chili implants.  


It is beneficial to perform a colonic shortly before joining one of our Programs. (Or at least a coffee enema).

When you subscribe to a program but don't like implants, just let us know. The program will be implant free for you.