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What About Food and Gout



Drink, Drink, Drink Water!

Uric acid in your blood is the culprit. The excessive uric acid that can’t be excreted out of your system by your kidneys leads to gout. Water helps to expel it out of your body before it gets a chance to crystallize.

In The Gout Clinic, we replace a lot of the daily water intake by fresh green coconut-water, which has an ideal composition to cure gout. Minimal daily intake is three coconuts.



The more alkaline the urine, the better the kidneys can evacuate uric acid is. Healthy urine has a pH close to 7.

Some people conclude that higher blood pH is the solution to GOUT (UA would dissolve better in the more alkalic blood) and better health. They propose baking powder (sodium bicarbonate as the miracle powder, "The Magic Gout Cure"). 

WRONG, this does not increase the pH of your blood. Your blood pH is remarkably constant. Furthermore, taking bicarbonate for a prolonged time is dangerous. The first symptom is pale skin, and it can even lead you to death.

Every cell in your body needs the correct Na/K equilibrium to function well.

(Na = Natrium or Sodium, K = Kalium or Potassium).

Gout is a typical "Modern Lifestyle" epidemic.

Modern Lifestyle results typically in a disturbed Na/K ratio AND in K deficiencies. Taking only sodium bicarbonate, MAKES YOU MORE SICK, by further disturbing the Na/K ratio.

Taking less Na (salt), as promoted for a healthy life (lowering blood pressure, etc.), by nearly every doctor, even by the WHO, is not the solution either. Using less salt tend to fix the faulty Na/K ratio, but does not fix the absolute values and is not going to raise your urine pH, and does not correct the K deficiency. We need K and Na in our body, and we need lots of it, every cell in our body needs it to function well. 


The right solution is to increase your K (potassium) intake!

At The Gout Clinic, we use a well-proportioned mineral mix, containing Natrium, Kalium, Magnesium, Boron, Vit C, Vit E, to raise urine pH in a healthy way.

Gout Diet at The Gout Clinic

  • Nopal (Leaves & Fruit) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nopal, vitamin, and mineral-rich but low in calories, grows everywhere around The Gout Clinic. Mexican tribes used them as medicine and food. In fact, the Aztecs believed that the nopal cactus was food fit for the royalty and warriors. Today, the nopal cactus has become famous for its health benefits when inflammation is involved. It benefits include:

  • Anti-inflammation (inhibits histamines & inflammatory mass cell mediators)

  • Strengthening body, fighting diseases

  • Repairing Na/K ratio

  • Healing gout, diabetes, obesity, metabolic disorders &digestive problems

  • Tackling cardiovascular and heart issues, (lowering cholesterol, triglycerides & plaque, increase platelet function)

  • Cleansing of colon & liver

  • Inhibits cancer (colon, prostate & skin)

  • Balances emotions and reduces stress

At The Gout Clinic, we use plenty of them in almost every Juice, and you can eat as much as you like it; raw. It is essential for every gout diet. 

  • Jicama, the root of The Gods (Aztecs)


The locally grown Mexican jicama is similar in texture to a turnip with a taste closer to an apple. It is crisp, white, and has solid flesh. Locally, Children loves it as a snack with Chili sauce.

At The Gout Clinic, we used it both Juiced and whole. 

It is low in calories but high in vital nutrients (restoring Na/K ratio), and vitamins. Besides protecting against inflammation it is very fiber-rich, and the fibers are infused with oligofructose Inulin, which has zero calories, doesn't metabolize in the body, but gives jicama its sweet taste, without having fructose. Inulin, besides promoting bone health, has a prebiotic role in the intestine. Inulin promotes “good” bacteria growth, maintaining both a healthy colon and balanced immunity.

Furthermore, jicama has a very low glycemic index.

Jicama is a blessing for gout patients; it helps to lower uric acid in the body.

It is the perfect gout diet ingredient.


  • Aloe Vera


The leaves of the locally grown aloe vera are pure gout medicine.

Google "Aloe Vera Health Benefits," to learn about its other amazing health properties.

For us, our primary interest is in the cell regeneration, encouraging blood circulation and possible anti-inflammatory characteristics.

We use aloe vera gel fillet in juices and the whole leaf, juiced, as an implant.


Its claimed blood flow repair capabilities originate from:

  • its anti-inflammatory effect on the capillary blood vessels walls, resulting in a larger net flow area

  • reinforcing capillary vessel walls by its silicon content

  • reducing blood viscosity.

  • Flax & Chia seeds


The Health benefits of these two seeds are well known.

These seeds are "GOUT MEDICINE."


  • Raw Honey


Today, in the commercial western world it is nearly impossible to buy RAW honey.

Labels only mislead people. Printing "containing raw honey"  or "raw honey artisan processed" does not mean it is raw honey.

During the Artisanal process, heat is commonly applied, resulting in destroying the enzymes in the honey.

These enzymes are why raw honey is so beneficial for your health rebuild.

Bio-Available Hydrogen Peroxide is made naturally in honey by an enzyme called glucose oxidase. This enzyme gives rise to hydrogen peroxide when real raw honey becomes diluted. The heat involved in (artisanal) honey processing (like pasteurization or reducing viscosity for better flow) destroys the enzymes that produce hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide, in small amounts, enables specific enzymes to do their job. It has a mighty way of working. It is catalyzing a catalyst!!!!

At the Gout Clinic, we are fortunate to have many local sources of unprocessed raw honey coming from unpolluted mountain areas.






Below we mention a noncomplete list of foods we use at The Gout Clinic.

Most of them are grown locally in a biological way.

Many are used juiced (cold pressed).


  • Coconut

  • Nopal

  • Cactus Fruits

  • Jicama

  • Aloe Vera

  • Guanábana

  • Alpiste \milk (for drinking or enemas)

  • Wheatgrass (for drinking or implants), our wheatgrass is grown in-house.

  • Lime

  • Apple Cider Vinegar "ACV", fermented in our facilities.

  • Raw Honey

  • Ginger

  • Turmeric root

  • Chili Costenjo

  • Noni

  • Guayaba

  • Chayote

  • Papaya (and its seeds)

  • Pineapple

  • Fermented Pineapple juice

  • Fermented Noni juice

  • Mango

  • Broccoli

  • Watermelon

  • Milk (Skimmed)

  • Rejuvelac

  • Celery

  • Onion 

  • Garlic

  • Ceylon Cinnamon

  • Kale

  • Parsley

  • Coriander

  • Cucumber

  • Zucchini (juiced and Zoodles)

  • Grapes

  • Apple  ('malic acid’ in apple helps in neutralizing the excessive uric acid)

  • Cherries and Berries

  • Banana 

  • Orange

  • Pomegranate

  • Camote (sweet potato)

  • Tomate, Jitomate, and Tomatillo

  • Carrots

  • Beetroot 

  • Fish: Sierra

  • Bush Chicken

  • Brown Rice