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Is healing gout possible?

"Whenever a doctor cannot do good, he must be kept from harming."



Why prescribing gout medication?

These medicines do not cure your gout, and you will depend on them for the rest of your life!

Due to their effect on kidneys and liver, they make you even sicker (instead of curing) and the severe side effects will create more (new) health problems.

Prescribing gout medication is a good thing for the pharmaceutical industries,  for the doctors, BUT NOT FOR YOU!



At the Gout Clinic, our focus is on Gout Healing!

How? Very Simple, by tackling the Causes of your Gout, which are:

  • Kidneys, Spleen and Liver not functioning correctly

  • Endothelial dysfunction & Neuropathy (Reduced blood flow in your capillaries)

  • Nonoptimal functioning lymphatic system

The Three Steps of Our Healing Process

The general description below gives you an idea of our healing process. The exact numbers and treatments are patient specific. Different programs will guide you through the healing process.

STEP 1  | 30 to 40 days


GOAL: Lowering Uric Acid "UA" Blood Levels.

Getting you back on the right track. 



- Starting with detoxing and bowel cleaning (2 to 4 days)

- Followed by a focus towards kidney and liver efficiency, improved capillary blood flow and nerve repair (regrowth).

The result of this step is your Uric Acid level to go down naturally. With no use of Uric acid-lowering prescription medicine. Instead, we use natural medicinal gout herbs, with no side effects.


Note: kidney regeneration and nerve repair will not be completed at the end of this Step.

STEP 2 | Average Time = 15 months, see note below


GOAL: Dissolve solid UA precipitates and heal



Once the UA levels are low enough (the lower, the better), solid UA precipitates will start to re-dissolve.  This dissolving is a slow process and takes typically between two months and two years (average = 14 months).

The time span of this step depends on many factors such as:

  • Your reached UA equilibrium (when UA further decreases from, e.g., 5.4 to 3.9 mg/dl blood, UA tophi dissolve rate will triple).

  • The total amount of UA precipitates and the volume of specific UA Tophus.

  • Having only soft tophi (faster) or also having hard tophi (much slower).

  • Your Blood PH (how Alkaline your blood is).

  • Applied UA evacuation techniques.

  • Partially; There are many genetic factors related to gout. The SLC22A12 kidney gene is a gene that controls how much UA gets “reabsorbed” by the kidneys, which leads to higher levels of uric acid in the blood. About a quarter of the gout patients have a family history of the sickness. But even if you have polymorphisms in the gene mentioned above (or in the less important SLC2A9, ABCG2 and SLC17 gene) you still can heal from gout. Only STEP 1 will be more challenging, and STEP 2 will take longer compared with patients without these polymorphisms.


It's important to understand that in this period, STEP 2, gout attacks can still occur due to UA going back into solution, meaning disappearing tophi on your Achilles tendon may cause a gout attack in your knee, by creating locally high concentrations UA ( UA precipitate relocation).

However, these attacks are different, and we will teach you how to deal with these possible situations.

Don't Panic and think the healing is not working. These kind of attacks are proving the healing is progressing well and UA is re-dissolving.

During this step, the efficiency of your kidneys will further increase.

The body can only heal when it is given the needed strength, energy and needed building materials (proper food & supplements). The healing might be accompanied or manifested by "bad feeling" like flu, pain, infections, irritations, etc. You must also know that the body needs enough rest during healing. So don't be surprised if you feel a general fatigue during the process and even after. And this process will have to be repeated until health has come back. In general, you will feel better and better during this STEP 2, but it will be with ups and downs.


NOTE: The time frames mentioned by us, in this paragraph, are based on scientific work. The protocols used in these studies did not use UA Evacuation techniques and effective natural gout herbs as we do. We have obtained time after time higher UA dissolving rates and have seen large UA soft tophi disappearing in less than a month.


STEP 3  | Rest of your (new) Life


GOAL:   Remain gout free, gout-medicine free



Once you are UA precipitate free and have again your kidneys and liver working well, you can have a Gout Free and Pain-Free Life. With no needs for gout medicines, with a lifestyle allowing your UA levels to go back up to an equilibrium level preferably < 6 mg/dl, we advise staying below 5 mg/dl.

Checking your UA levels frequently and using this info as a feedback for your lifestyle and herbal supplements.

See our videos on Uric Acid topics at our youtube channel.


Note: When Gout has resulted in damaged joints, they will not heal.  

Damaged joints will get worse in time due to excess wear and might need Surgical intervention at one point. 

Our programs do improve partially damaged joints.


Note: Our Blood Analysis is performed both at the clinic and by a local certified laboratory.

Note on reducing Uric Acid by means of our Gout Combo natural herbs

Normally, people don't have problems reducing Uric Acid levels, helped by our natural Gout Combo Capsules, and enjoy getting rid of prescription medicines.

When on Uric Acid lowering prescription medicine, you can switch over to Gout Combo capsules instantly.

Once reached low uric acid levels, just a small maintenance doses of a few herbal capsules a day will help to keep the uric acid levels down.

Note: When you have gene polymorphisms, depending on your exact situation, Gout Combo may not work as spectacular for you as in the graphs below, and you have to follow dietary guidelines during STEP 1 of the healing process, this in combination with other treatments. We recommend for these patients (25% of the gout patients) to participate in a full program because healing might need more treatments.

We are aware of one case, where using Gout Combo capsules lowered Uric Acid levels from 11 mg/dl down to an average of only 5 mg/dl,  the lowest value reach was 4.7mg/dl. (The person kept on drinking one glass rum per day!)


Other Benefits of Our Healing Process

Gout, a metabolic disease, often occurs in combination with other medical (modern lifestyle) conditions such as metabolic syndrome, abdominal obesity, hypertension, insulin resistance, and abnormal lipid levels, edema and neuropathy. 

Such lifestyle also results in arteriosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries caused by plaque buildup) and inflammation of capillary vessel walls, causing the further decrease of capillary blood flow.

Due to this reduced capillary blood flow, the kidneys (and liver) will work less efficient, causing gout.

Lifestyle changes are needed, incorporating more vegetables, roots, nuts, and fruits into your diet, lowering or eliminating alcohol, fructose, fast-food, etc.

Because we focus on the real causes of gout, which are the same for many other medical conditions, you can expect other benefits besides just healing gout.




What can they be?


  • Normalized blood pressure

  • Erectile disfunction eliminated (This might be your real reason for participating in a program!)

  • Hair regrowth (feet, toes, fingers, breast, etc.any more)
  • Skin will regain normal appearance

  • Normalized sugar values

  • Type II diabetes cured.

  • No more metabolic syndrome

  • Neuropathy will be reduced and finally disappear

  • Normalized Cholesterol values

  • Normalized triglyceride levels

  • Normalized weight