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      Gout Medicinal Herbs



The big problem with gout medicines (besides not curing) are the harmful side effects.

Gout medicinal herbs can be beneficial for managing gout, without damaging side effects.

Medicinal gout herbs do help:

  • Improve kidney function & excreting UA

  • Improve Liver function

  • Reducing the production of UA

  • Tackling inflammation

They also contribute to improving your overall health.

Medicinal herbs have attained new prestige, thanks to the sponsorship of the World Health Organization (WHO), which is promoting its further development. 

Medicinal herbs in Mexico


At The Gout Clinic, we are very fortunate to be located here in the middle of herb paradise.

Mexico is one of the world’s most biologically diverse countries.

So it is not surprising Mexico has an abundant folkloric medicine tradition based on medicinal herbs. Look at the video, on the right, to see the herbs.

Due to its rich medicinal herb history, Mexico played an important roll in modern metabolic diseases research in the nineteenth century.

Today, the use of medicinal herbs in Mexico is an essential element of the efficient indigenous medical systems.

Medicinal herbs are for sale in even the smallest villages.

The aim of Art. 2 of the Mexican Constitution is to protect and further develop relevant knowledge in the fields of traditional medicine, acupuncture, medicinal herbs and alternative treatments.



They offer gout patients an excellent combination of health benefits. Each of them is a recommended medicinal gout herb but taken together; they multiply the beneficial effects.

See our videos!


Herbs at The Gout Clinic


At The Gout Clinic we use Medicinal Gout Herbs as Supplements, Infusions and in Creams.

The following herbs have an major part in healing gout during our Programs:

  • Gout Combo

  • Magic Tree leaves

  • Kidney Combo

  • Papaya seed & leaf

  • Guanabana leaf

  • Moringa leaf

  • Neem leaf

  • Noni leaf

  • Ortiga

  • Olive leaf

  • Hierba del Sapo

  • Tejocote (Mexican hawthorn)

  • Cuachalalate

  • Palo Azul

  • Cola de Caballo

  • Cinnamon

  • Chili-Ginger- Curcuma

  • Rosemary

  • Eucaliptus

  • Clove

  • Green Coffee

  • Palo Brazil

It is important to VARY these herbs.

Variation is the key!