The Gout Clinic, Puerto Escondido, Mexico

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General Information about our WebPharmacy

Concerning this web pharmacy, Macmed has the following permits, registrations, and licenses in place:

  • Cofepris (Insumos Para La Salud): Pharmacy (incl. Medicinal Plants)

  • Cofepris (Insumos Para La Salud): Fabrication of Pharmaceutical Products (incl. Medicinal Plants)

  • Nat. Reg. Nr. RFC.: MAC050221683

  • Cofepris (Productos & Servicios): Manufacturing of Dietary Supplements

  • Ent. Federativas: Manufacturing of Cosmetic Products

  • Municipal: Business license


Our products are made following our current Good Manufacturing Procedures and in compliance with the guidelines of:

  • FDA

  • PCPC

  • Cosmetic Act

  • Cosmetics EC Council directive No 1223/2009

  • ISO 22716

  • Health Canada

  • Ministry of Health - Japan

  • CFDA - China


Our Creams are designed for gout patients with the intended use to be rubbed on feet, hands, legs, and arms, to alter the appearance of them.

Our Creams are sold in different countries, as a Cosmetic Product, we do not claim them to be a drug or claim any drug-like effect.


Our Capsules and Tinctures are sold in different countries, as a Dietary Supplement, they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.