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Lymphatic Drainage
Gout Treatment




lymphatic system

Your lymphatic system is made up of small vessels and lymph nodes. It filters out waste and debris, carries nutrients to cells, and recuperate valuable blood components.  

The lymph nodes perform the collection and filtering of waste material from cell fluid. Clearing the entire body from excess tissue fluids (Swelling).  Unlike the vascular system, it does not have a pump (heart).

When the lymphatic system doesn’t work efficiently, edema or tight swollen tissue appears (e.g.,  after a long-distance air travel, ankles and legs become tight and puffy).


For gout patients, a good working lymphatic system is of the utmost importance.

For this reason, we mention lymphatic drainage as a separate treatment, although it is known medically as a form of massage therapy.

Many other treatments applied in The Gout Clinic incorporate lymphatic drainage as an essential component.

During lymphatic drainage, we intervene and encourage the fluids and waist to drain properly (evacuating UA swiftly).

By treating compromised lymphatic nodes, they become quickly efficient again.

Whatever program you choose at The Gout Clinic, lymphatic drainage is applied on a daily Basis and is an important acute gout treatment.


Lymphatic drainage gout treatment is a very light massage technique.  We also incorporate mechanical action aided tools, ultrasound and laser therapy to help to improve your lymphatic system


A clean lymph system controls Acidosis

and Gout!