The Gout Clinic, Puerto Escondido, Mexico

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Gout Poultice Therapy


Clay Therapy

Red clay has an abundance of beneficial microbes and fungi and is reported to be useful for detoxing (adsorbing heavy metals & pathogens) and lowering uric acid. 

We prepare the clay for poultice by adding agents like activated charcoal, raw coco oil, and glycerine.

After applying the mixture to the chosen area, we use Hierba Santa leaves (potent anti-inflammatories) to cover the clay.


Another local variety we use is the well-known black clay (Oaxaca is known for its black pottery).

We use it pure or mixed with aloe vera, chili costenjo, and glycerine.

Clay applied to the skin is reported to cause:

  • anti-inflammatory reactions

  • adsorbing toxins

  • adsorbing tissue liquids

  • absorbing minerals like magnesium, bromide, potassium, strontium, boron, iron and sulfur


Other products used for poultice treatments at The Gout Clinic are:

  • warm castor oil 

  • activated charcoal (adsorbing uric acid)

  • chili (anti-inflammatory)

  • ginger (improves circulation)


At The Gout Clinic, we are currently investigating the very promising seaweed poultices.