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Charcoal is used for centuries as a home remedy by gout patients.
It is one of the best now detoxing means, it is reported to "draw out uric acid".
Activated Charcoal (Carbon) works so well because it easily, chemically reacts, with a lot of other materials. And because it is porous and has a very large specific surface.
One of our capsules has a surface area of about 300 m2 of surface available, ready to bind other materials.

Activated Charcoal

  • Our activated Charcoal (R1)* material has some added PAC* material to it. This increase the initial reaction speed, but keeps the long lasting activity of the product.
    Our capsules are popular with people who frequently visit swimming pools, because of the chlorine-removal efficiency of our activated carbon.
    One capsule before entering the swimming pool is enough.
    * ASTM Classification.

    Net Content: 60 capsules size 0#
    Pure, Natural, Organic!
    NO pesticides, insecticides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers.
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