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Researchers from China evaluated 122 Chinese herbs for their effectiveness at reducing uric acid, the trigger for gout. Cinnamon extract proved the most effective for inhibiting the enzyme responsible for producing uric acid. Forget Allopurinol with bad side effects!
In traditional medicine it is used for treating:
- Gout and other forms of arthritis!
- Cardiovascular diseases, lowering blood pressure
- Lowering Cholesterol
- Improving the immune system
- Diabetes; normalize blood sugar
- Neuropathy
- Anti-inflammatory


  • Cinnamon contains numerous chemicals and nutrients, including manganese and potassium along with many important vitamins. Its nutritional properties help improve blood flow to your arms and legs, and thus help treating gout and neuropathy (numbness in hands and feet). Start with 2 per day, increase servings after a few days. Effects are expected to show after two weeks.

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