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Drinking coffee will reduce the risk of a gout attack slightly.
But green coffee beans, these are raw, not roasted beans do the magic.
There are not many scientific papers available, but read this one:
Study on the anti-gout activity of chlorogenic acid in green coffee.
Green coffee has proven to help
- Gout (replacement for allopurinol)
- Treatment of high blood pressure
- Prevention of cardiovascular diseases
- Diabetes
- Weight loss

Green Coffee

  • As shown in the above mentioned paper, the important component in our capsules is chlorogenic acid. Beside its reported anti-gout characteristics, chlorogenic was compared with other antioxidants like green tea and grape seed, it was found to be two times more effective. Studies have shown that chlorogenic acid is essential in decreasing the levels of plasma homocysteine lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
    Our capsules are also popular by people for weight-loss. Again because of the chlorogenic acid.
    Weight-losses, without any diet or exercise, of 1 kg ( 2 pounds) per month have been reported. When chlorogenic acid is combined with caffeine, as in our capsules, it is reported to be effective in promoting the burning of fat by the liver, increase metabolism and inhibits the absorption of fat.

    Green Coffee capsules may interfere with Thyroid medication
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