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Magic Tree Leaf Capsules

Why Magic? Because they are Magic!
It is a proprietary blend of Papaya leaf, Guanabana Leaf, Noni leaf, Moringa leaf, Neem leaf and Olive leaf.
All the ingredients are known for helping lowering UA. They are used as gout remedies in traditional medicine. Guanabana leaf is often used as a component in alternative gout medicine.

Magic Tree Leaves

  • Beside the advantages for gout patients, the ingredients have all reported strong antiviral characteristics.
    Please do your own research for a complete overview of the health benefits.
    Papaya = Carica papaya
    Neem = Azadirachta indica
    Moringa = Moringa oleifera
    Guanabana = Annona muricata
    Noni = Morinda citrifoli
    Olive = Olea europaea

    Net Content: 60 capsules size 0#
    Pure, Natural, Organic!
    NO pesticides, insecticides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers.
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