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Different Programs at The Gout Clinic

The Gout Clinic offers various programs.

Choose between them according to your needs and possebilities.

The Programs are all performed at The Gout Clinic, with luxury oceanside ensuite rooms with a fantastic sea view.

During participation in any Program, NO alcohol should be consumed (speeding up the healing process).

Full 35 days Program

This program should cover Step 1 of the healing process, described in the treatments page (lowering your Uric Acid "UA" levels drastically).

Step 1 is the most intensive Step and just following our healing protocols is a "Full Time" job. For this reason, we strongly advise following the full program to make it easy for you. You will need lots of assistance during Step 1.

During the Program, you will learn how to complete the more comfortable Step 2, back at home, with online help.

You will follow the Program in tiny groups, max four people, and will get +250 hours of therapy.

Cost: US$ 4200 / week, all-inclusive (see below).

Boost 10 days Program

The short boost program is ideal for patients who are already in Step 2 of the healing process (dissolving UA precipitates) and in need of a new boost. Helping patients who are experiences a longer Step 2 (see healing gout). Remember that the lower your UA levels are, the shorter step 2 will be. This short program will help to achieve this.

The Program may also be beneficial for Patients in Step 3, but due to an unhealthy lifestyle (fast-food, beer drinking, etc.) are in need of a short boost to be on the right track again. Our ten days Program will help these patients to stay healthy and gout free, and this in an easy way, just by following the program.

We also allow new patients into these programs, in this case, the patients will be prepared and have to continue with Step 1 after returning home (which we believe will be very challenging due to the variety of different treatments and a significant amount of labor & time involved, but it is possible).

You will follow the Program in tiny groups, max four people.

Cost: US$ 9800 for ten days, 11 nights all-inclusive.

Intense 5 days Program


Patients who have time restrictions can benefit from this intensive Program.

Besides getting lots of therapies, you will be educated to continue your treatment at home, for this you will be thought how to treat yourself with acupuncture. At the completion of the Program, you will receive a certification: self-treatment of gout by acupuncture. You will have learned about the crucial acupuncture points for reversing gout, the safety aspects, and needling practice.

At the end of the program, you should be able to manage your own gout reversing.

But as mentioned above under the ten days program, this can be very challenging due to the variety of different treatments and a significant amount of labor & time involved. After this very short five days program, you can expect to go home with lower uric acid levels. This five-day program is an intensive program, starting every day at 8 am and finishing at 9:30 pm. ONLY FOR VERY MOTIVATED PEOPLE.

But it is an attractive program; we do not announce dates like for a scheduled full program. When you want to participate, contact us.

You will follow the Program in tiny groups, max four people.

Cost: US$ 6400 for five days, six nights all-inclusive.

Custom Designed Program


Patients with individual needs, wishes and demands can communicate with us to have a Custom Designed Program set up for them.

A Custom Designed Program might include the treatment of other medical conditions.

E.g. diabetes type 2, crohn's disease, erectile disfunction, etc.

A custom designed program is always an individual program.

Costs will be communicated after having received your specifics.

It is important you communicate well with us about other medical conditions you have, besides gout!


All program costs are all-inclusive.

What has included: Housing, food, drinks, supplements, herbs and herbal extracts, all acute gout treatments described on this website, local transport, laundry, maid service to your room, all gout-related medicine, laboratory tests, WiFi internet connection. And an online follow-up (up to one hour per month, for max two years) dealing with your possible questions and giving further consultation.

What has not been included: Travel to Puerto Escondido, non-gout-related medical expenses, gout-related surgery, any particular prescription medicine you might be taking (better bring with you).


Dressing: Comfortable clothes like a T-Shirt or tank top, shorts or swimming trunks, slippers, sunglasses.


Before participating in a program, we advise to replace any mercury fillings you might have (the sooner done, the better for you) and have a colonic the week before you participate in a program. Also, a recent full blood analysis is advisable for comparison purposes. 

In the case you have tophi, especially hard ones, you will benefit (shorten drastically STEP 2 of the healing process) having them drained about three weeks before program start.


Medical insurance: In case the Gout Clinic will not be on your health plan, you can appeal to your insurance review board. At The Gout Clinic, we will provide any possible document needed by your insurance. If your plan offers out-of-network benefits, we will give you a receipt you can submit to your insurer for reimbursement.


Payment: 30% by reservation (in case of cancellation, 25% will be returned when cancellation is made earlier than three months before the chosen program start date).

Payment: Balance at Program start.

Payment: Wire Transfer, PayPal or Cash. We do not accept personal checks.

Three days Educational Program


Our Educational program is not mentioned for patients but is a program for professional therapists with an acupuncture license. We teach about our gout reversing methods.

When you want to participate, contact us.


Cost: US$ 26000 for three days, four nights all-inclusive.


Our gout reversing Programs have an educative purpose.

When you return to your home, you will understand the benefits of particular treatments and how they should be performed so that you can manage your continued healing, and understand the why, how and when of the treatments.

An important part of this education, are the workshops incorporated into the programs.


When you want to participate in a program, send us a message, with your preferences (program type, time frame).

We will send you a questionnaire. After receiving the completed questionnaire, we will agree with you on the exact starting date of your program.