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Without Sport (Moving), Forget it!


"If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health."



Move your Body but with Caution!


When gout flares up, you need to take extra precautions. While exercising is good for overall health and also for preventing gout attacks, a gout patient needs to place restrictions on joint movements / joint loads.

Swimming is especially good for you. Swimming, as well as water aerobics, increases the mobility of your joints without putting full impact of gravity on them. Whenever you are in the water, you are placing less stress on joints.

During swimming for gout relief, how fast you swim or how much distance do you cover doesn’t matter. The Important thing is how much time you spend in the water, moving.

At the beginning of a full program, we start with only a few minutes (depending on the individual), and then gradually increase your time up to an hour at the end of the Program.

It is all about Lymphatic System and Cell Stimulation.


The key is to understand that the lymph only moves through motion and exercise and not on its own. So you have to shake it to stay healthy! 

Advantages of exercising:

  • Stimulate lymph flow

  • Helping to avoid gout flare-ups

  • Evacuating UA

  • Losing weight, which is one of the prerequisites for avoiding gout

  • Keep your joints flexible


When your gout flare-up subsides, you can begin to increase exercising to regaining strength gradually.

Because physical load on joints can provoke a gout attack, we recommend swimming as preferential exercise.

Even slow swimming activate the lymphatic system and does not create local physical loads on joints.

Even with a gout attack, you can swim slowly.

While taken utmost precaution, because you certainly do not want to make the pain of your joints get worsened by the movements during swimming.

When you perform our simple yoga exercises, before and after swimming, you are ensuring that your joints do not get damaged easily. 


Sport (moving) is an essential acute gout uric acid evacuation treatment.