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The Gout Clinic Supplements

For speeding up gout reversing, you need high-quality supplements.

Supplements that work!

The only solution we found was to start producing our private brand. 

Macmed is a registered (Cofepris):

  • Pharmacy (botica)

  • Producer of pharmaceutical products, incl. Curative plants

  • Manufacturer of dietary supplements

Our Products are:

  • Organic, no pesticides or other chemicals used

  • Natural, bio-available

  • Pure, no filler, no cheap alternative, no rice, no beans, etc.

  • Shade-dried, low temperature processed!


Which Supplement?

There is no "best" supplement for helping healing gout.

All the supplements we offer in our webshop have health benefits for gout patients. If you don't want to do your own research, it is important to consult a professional healthcare provider.

Important advice:

  • A little goes a very long way

  • Combine and change products frequently, don't let your body to get used to one product.


GOUT Supplements

BE CAREFUL!  Choose the right Product


Many Supplements are not efficient at all!

When you have a Calcium deficiency, taking extra Calcium through ground oyster shells tablets, or milk, will not help you.

The supplement has to be taken in a bio-available form, often accompanied by other agents, like vitamin D, to make it efficient.

A much better Calcium source is Noni leaf supplement.


Most Supplements are a SCAM; they don't work!

Instead of buying a medicinal herb, you buy rice, beans or wheat powder.  In February 2015, the FDA did find out that:

At Wall-Mart, 96% of the herbal supplements showed to have no herbs at all!

In Pharmacies in New York, 80% of the expensive herbal supplements are a SCAM.

NYTimes,  CBSNewsCBS

Of course they DON'T WORK.


Most Herbal Supplements are processed at high temperatures.

Most of the herbs are dried at a high temperature in rotating furnaces.

It is more economical, but it destroys many beneficial components of the herbs.


Why supplements?

For healing gout, your body needs beside the energy, TOOLS and BUILDING STONES, to heal itself.

And the larger the VARIETY of them the better, the easier it is for your body to heal.

Advantages of supplements: they are EASY to use.

You can take different once, combine them, there is no time-consuming work involved and accessible storage.

You can offer the body what extra it needs to heal itself. 

Actually, with these supplements, you can mimic more or less the diet of a healthy caveman.  

Supplements would not be needed when you had all your life eating healthy (vegetables, roots, nuts, seeds, bits of meat and eggs), and you would not have gotten gout.

Another fundamental reason for taking our gout herbs is you want to get rid of the harmful side effects of prescription gout medicine.