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Chris Hamman, AK, USA

"I am now halfway through a 140km trip, took this photo, you can use it on your site.  Shows I can now do things that I could not just 2 years ago. Today, Michelle and I spent 5 hours for 80km trip.  We were less than 50km from Denali, the highest peak in North America at 6190m.  

At one point Saturday, my nephew and I were on top of a ridge that was massive.  He decided to play in the open snow and was making tracks in the virgin ground.  I decided to push my machine and so I took it up to 140-150km/h.  My nephew said I was getting smaller and smaller and that he didn't think he was going slow.  I did stop and wait for him at the far side.

We are making plans for things to do, places to go, and parts unknown to see.  Next year will be even more fun.


Pamela, Newport Beach, CA, USA

"Dr, thank you so much. I actually did have a creatinine level of 3.2! .... The gout flares have really been rotten these past two years.... The herbs work though, so I’m using them, and I am so thankful!! 

I had a 17.73cm3 intracranial brain hemorrhage and a subcutaneous bleed in my left temporal lobe and they gave me a TON of medications to help save my life. I had a 5% chance to family has a history of kidney disease so my kidneys definitely didn’t appreciate all the medicine. When I left the hospital, the doctors told me to basically go home and get ready to die. 

I am a bit on the stubborn side, lol..... I just never believed any medical professionals who said the kidneys can’t heal, just like I never believed them when they said I wouldn’t live. For that reason, I believe I heal well and I live a GREAT life. 

I am working on the flares now, and since I have been on your herbs it has been HEAVEN. My first flare occurred in 2008, the past few years the flares have gotten frequent. One of the joints in my hand was locked and now it is moving again too! I think I am even going to get to start ballroom dancing again! YAY! 

Thank you again for what you have created and for the gift of healing you are facilitating. I am sooo grateful!



Chris Hamman, AK, USA

"I am now, three weeks after attending the five-day program, doing very well.  Family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances have just blown away with my progress.  Many were skeptical that this works.  I am here to say; this is the real deal!  If you cannot do the full program, do the five days.

I was walking, unaided after the first acupuncture treatment at The Gout Clinic, and have been ever since.

My medical clinic team here in Alaska is amazed that not only has my uric acid level gone down significantly, almost four points, but my blood pressure is normal.  It has been borderline hypertension for seven years.  In the weeks just before going to TGC, it was 185/105. My weight is going down, and I have even gone down two pants sizes, which I haven't been in, for eight years.  They are even talking to some of their patients with the most severe gout cases and telling them about my experiences.

The team at TGC knows how to train you to get your life back and put you on the path to total healing."

NOTE TGC: Chris is willing to further, privately, communicate with you if you have more questions for him, contact us, and we send you his email address.


CC, Australia

"From the moment it began I started having Acupuncture. Over the past 22 years, I UNFORTUNATELY learned to live with the pain. I then had your six weeks treatment, and I am COMPLETELY  pain-free…Wilfred’s treatments are the best I have ever had. He is so thorough, he looks at your problems and treats you accordingly. You are not a number with Wilfred; he cares 100% about you and your condition. Thank you again, Wilfred…you are my GOD!!!"



"Dr. Van Moorleghem,

Thank you so much for dedicating so much to healing gout. I just want you to know that with your products and some mindfulness on my part, I have a significant part of my life back and I can't thank you enough. I am now riding 10 miles per day on my bike! Best."



"Doc: I tested my UA yesterday, and it was 5.7 a lot better than a week ago at 12.0 Thank you."



"Doc, just to let you know I am experiencing good results from your gout treatments at Puerto Escondido.... I have been off Allopurinol since late Feb since taking your medication and now on the Gout Combo. I have not suffered any gout attacks since our Feb appointments. I still have a good supply of Gout combo capsules.... I still enjoy purines, i.e., sardines, liver, etc. and this has not resulted in any gout attacks, so I assume the tablets are allowing my kidneys and liver to absorb any excess uric acid..... Thanks."


PC, Belgium

"After having finished your full program, my uric acid levels never went up again above 4.5, thank you for having created a new, second life, for me!"


FA, Mexico

"Talked to my brother yesterday, and he is BLOWN AWAY by your gout meds.

He's been under treatment for several years by the best physicians in Southern California at xxxxxxx Clinic in xxxxxxxx, to no avail, When he was down here, he was in constant pain, and couldn't feel much below the knee on his right leg.

He said  "I COULDN"T BELIEVE IT!" when all pain disappeared and the full sensation was restored in just 2-3 days. HE IS A BELIEVER in your meds."

NOTE TGC: This gentleman is taking Gout Combo, Kidney Combo and Magic Tree Leaves capsules, together with Gout Combo infusion. Concerning his quick neuropathy recovering, when there is severe nerve damage, it typically takes months to heal, instead of a few days.



"The process is working so good I am afraid it might just be mental.

Numbness in my legs reduced 75% ( and that's from diabetes) pain and night pain in my feet almost eliminated.

If I didn't know better You think maybe Rev. Ike was involved.

(Rev. Ike was a famous US televangelist /healer in the 1960s)".




"XXXX is really feeling all better. No more symptoms and surfing the last 3 mornings. Thanks again".


DP, Australia

"I do believe the tablets are making a difference.  

I had quite a bit less pain than I usually would.

It is good so far.

I will be getting back on my bike for exercise next week and also walk.

Thanks again."


JPB, Mexico

"All my symptoms disappeared, after having taken your capsules two days, the pain disappeared and never returned, joints became flexible again."



Thank you thank you and thank you. I am so very grateful for all you are doing for me. It is so refreshing to have a person like yourself helping me in this time of crisis. Most doctors in the USA don't even come close to your high standards. I am most grateful to you and your staff. I will add you and your people to my daily prayer list. 


SB, BC, Canada

Just thought I would drop a line to let you know how I'm doing.  No worries things are great! The biggest difference was my knees. Before I saw you my knees hurt to the point where my legs shook going up and down stairs. Not anymore!  I can kneel without worry. Which is fabulous!  I thank you for all you have done for me. As little as it might seem to some was nothing short of amazing for me... you are amazing!  Thank you so much.


NOTE TGC: It is nice to get feedback from people, saying they became better in days. This is probably because our natural herbs help quickly reducing inflammation.