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Ultrasound gout treatment




Therapeutic Ultrasound at The Gout Clinic:


Ultrasound has been used since the 1940s for pain relief in the management of acute attacks. Although not extensively researched (there are only three US published studies involving the treatment of patients with gout), the technology is very efficient.


Beside INSTANT PAIN RELIEVE, it promotes blood flow through capillaries and helps the evacuation and destruction of uric acid crystals (which works well for UA evacuation from soft tophi at the Achilles tendon and elbows). Further, it is a tool the enhance lymphatic drainage.

The ultrasonic vibration bring changes of volume and movement to every cell, having an effect of local micro massage, called cellular massage.

Reported benefits are:  

  • better absorption of nutrition

  • accelerated metabolism

  • evacuation of tissue waste

  • helping to detox

  • evacuate UA

  • improve blood circulation

  • repaired lymph and capillary vessels


At The Gout Clinic, we use 1 MHz and a 3 MHz systems.

Ultrasound therapy cannot be felt (you feel some very light vibration and a pleasant heat). It is safe and painless when applied correctly. Treatments tend to last anywhere between 3 and 8 minutes per location.

Ultrasound therapy in combination with super pulsed laser therapy multiply the healing effects of both treatments.